My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Thursday, December 31, 2009

berjaya untuk tidak sakit!

horay! saye berjaya utk tidak sakit after taken injection last monday =) fiwittt!!

erm.. this is the sad story..

we were booking to go to jakarta for holiday last few month ago (around april i think) for this beginning of January. three of us and we consider to have new shoping members (my lil sis in law) because she want to join us if we go to jakarta again as we already go to jakarta for shoping earlier. then what happend to us?? suddenly one of my frend decide to not joining us last april because her own reason. okla..

i'm pregnant and on the day we have to fly my tummy is already 31 weeks. did you thing i can go?? huhu

to be consider, only two of us (from 4) is available.then to become more dramatic and touching story, my sis in law decide not to go n i dont know why!

so, only left my sis!! so pity of her. i decide to join my sis and my husband want to accompony us to jakarta.. but.. its to late and i think quite rushing for him to buy a tiket, renew his pasport, take a leave permission for his boss and provide a money to be there...

after deep thinking, we decide to burn our tiket. so, as a conclusion 4 of us will not going to jakarta for shoping. and we have to lose tiket fare as for the result of that decision..

i think anything hapen for a reason =)

as a moral of the story,
1. dont plan too long for your holiday (we plan almost 10 months for that holiday).
2. please chose your right partner who can give full comitment to go for that planing holiday. it can be a horror story if one by one of your fren just left like that.

hope i can go for holiday and 2nd honeymoon with my baby next time =)


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