My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Monday, April 26, 2010

aisya horoscope @ ARIES

About the Aries Child

A Natural-Born Leader

If your Aries son or daughter was born ahead of schedule, it should come as no surprise: Aries children are always pushing ahead of the pack. With an "Are we there yet?" outlook, they are impatient to arrive and get started already!

Aries children possess a passionate, creative, and restless nature. They seem to have more energy than other children, with a vitality that's matched only by their natural bravery. Their "me first" attitude can be a challenge for anyone who has to contend with their high spirits and frequent self-absorption.

Legendary for their straightforward honesty, Aries children tell it like they see it. They can overstep boundaries because they're naturally impulsive and tend not to look before they leap.

As the parent of a young Aries, you're probably no stranger to epic temper tantrums. Yes, Aries children have a hard time keeping their emotions under control, but there's a positive side to this: They don't hold a grudge. Once the fireworks are over, so is their anger.

Since Aries children are great at starting grand projects but not as keen on sticking with them, you'll need to be patient as you guide your child gently but firmly, helping her stay on track.

Also make sure she gets plenty of exercise. Any vigorous activity will be an excellent outlet for her energy, and if it's a competitive sport, so much the better. But be sure she wears a helmet or any other essential safety gear. In their eternal hurry, Aries children tend to be accident-prone.

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