My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aisya at 4 month

arini aisya g checkup dgn grandma dia kat klinik for 4 month.. apela cite dia.. sori sayang, mama tak dapat anta.. ok, kat bawah ni nak sharing ape yang aisya da pandai n should know by dis old...jom tengok!

How your baby's growing:

By now, your baby may play with her hands and feet for a few minutes at a time. She's quite fond of doing one action over and over again until she's sure of the result. Then she'll switch things up a bit to see if the result is different.

Suddenly you'll realize it's strangely quiet in the bedroom and look in, only to discover that your baby, who until now has needed your attention for most of every waking moment, is amusing herself in her crib. You might be able to start reading the paper again — well, maybe just the headlines.

If you're the primary caregiver, it may feel like a reflex by now to step in whenever your baby starts crying. But it's a good idea to give your partner the chance to be the soother, too. Not only does this give you a break (which is huge!), it adds to his confidence level and provides bonding opportunities.

There are plenty of techniques you can encourage your partner to use, but it's also important to leave him room to experiment and learn on his own.

Remind your partner to assess the baby's needs (diapering, feeding, burping) and to fulfill those first. If crying continues, he can try to soothe the baby by holding her close, rubbing her back, or giving her some infant massage.

Many babies are comforted by gentle, rhythmic motion, which helps a parent feel like he's doing something. Dancing, rocking, or swinging the baby may do the trick.

Distraction is another popular method. He can try playing the entertainer with silly stunts, singing, and funny sounds and expressions.

hehe.. sume aisya da pandai,.. so, mean aisya mmg betol2 develop ikot timing la.. amin n alhamdulilah =)

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