My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aisya growth on track!

saya suka berangan depan camera mama!
ok2.. mahu cerita tentang my lil daughter yang bulan ni berumur 6 bulan.. wee kejap je rasa..padahal macam baru je semalam called along

saya:along, aqel dulu masa pandai ketawa tu umo dia berapa long?
along: lama lagila dik.. nanti masa 6 bulan.. ko ni terlebeh suda betol!
saya:ok papai!

pejam celik pejam celik da 6 bula.. horey!! aisya mmg growth on track! serius nih!

sekarang hobi baru dia suka geleng kepala.. (asal geleng je mama cakap taknak! taknak! taknak!)

one month
1. Head's up!
2. The first real smiles
3. Sound asleep
4. Baby talk/face expression-gurgle, coo, grunt, and hum
5. Reaching out
6. Eyes can track objects

two month
1. can differentiate familiar voices - ma-ma, ma-ma (takmo ajar a-yah, a-yah..haha!)
2. touch a wider variety of objects
3. putting everything in her mouth
4. able to move from her side to her back and her back to her side.
5. movements are getting a bit more coordinated
6. start making friends with other
7. first discovered her hands- puts them in her mouth, and tries to suck on them 8. steady now - able to lift her head and hold it up for several moments

three month
1. able to recognize me as her mom and ayah as her dad
2. Coordinating arms, legs, and hands
3.Nodding off
4. Beginning to interact with others
5. start to favor one hand for a while and then switch to the other
6. more selective about people

four month
1. able to make some vocal sounds - mak, mak (hep, ni mama la..bukan mak!)
2. Playing solo and   Exploring objects
3. Sitting pretty
4. new sound
5. peaceful goodnight for her and for mama (just bangun nak susu jer)
6. able to recognize her name
7. da boleh posim depan camera! (ini dasyat!)

five month
1. Homing in on sounds
2. A growing range of emotions
- clear ways when she's angry, bored, or happy
- raising her arms when she wants to be picked up
- crying when you leave the room.
- give mama hugs and kisses.
- laugh at funny expressions
 3.Strong enough to feed herself - sitting position and More discerning in spooting object
4. noise level increasing-Banging, shaking, and mouthing
5. Exploring with her hands-rake object toward herself, start moving objects from one hand to the other.
6. Your baby the babbler - want mama to understand the sound she make
7. real rolled over
8. Rollin', rollin', rollin' -need more space. so now, 1 toto tu dia punya!

okeh! now, in 6 month ~12 month will update later okeh =)

with her brother =)

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