My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have A Romantic Wedding On A Tight Budget

Love is what it’s all about. Focus on the core elements that make up your union.

Here’s how you can have a romantic wedding on a tight budget:

Wedding Invitations – Design and make your own wedding invitations. Personalize your invites by incorporating your wedding theme and writing your own messages. For guests with emails, send them an e-invitation instead.

Wedding Planning – Be your own wedding planner or get a relative or friend to volunteer while you supervise its progress. Incorporate your own wedding theme in every aspect of the planning. Have your team of volunteer source for materials used for the event and ensemble a team to decorate the event venue, manufacture your own wedding favors, make your own of everything that you may need for the wedding.

Dressing up the wedding entourage – Have them rented at a fairly reasonable price. If you prefer to buy, shop during sales to get a good bargain. If you know someone who can make them, be a minimalist and keep your dress theme simple and elegant.

Food & Mingling – Most weddings receptions have 8 course dinner meals: you sit and eat. That’s about it. Your guests don’t mingle around. There is less fun and laughter which shouldn’t be the case. Opt for buffets: you can get great food plus the fun-filled opportunity for your guests to mingle around.

Entertainment – Select your favourite list of songs and have them burnt onto a CD. Play them during the event as soft background music. Get a friend to be the MC for the event and have him in charge of playing the songs and slides.

Just remember that an extravagant wedding does not make up a successful marriage. It is the love between you and your spouse that will bind your marriage.

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