My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Plan Your Dream Wedding – Without Breaking The Bank

We are all aware that weddings cost a bomb, especially a dream wedding that is taken right off from a fairytale. So, how can you have your dream wedding without breaking the bank?

Here are some tips to bail you out:

Wedding Attire for The Bridal Team – Explore options to rent them from bridal shops or have them tailor made by a free lance designer instead of grabbing designer stuffs. Remember the rule of thumb: keep it elegantly simple. If your mum or an aunt can sew, secure their help and you’ll save thousands of Ringgit.

Set Up An Army – Instead of paying big bucks to hire a wedding planner, caterers and helpers, assign a close family friend or relative with superb planning skills to recruit and manage an army to help out in your wedding plans.

Food – Let’s face it: shark fin soup and abalone are not elements that make up a great wedding. So, get environmentally friendly and leave out the sharks from your menu. Declare your love for nature and the environment and win additional praises from guests!

Flowers – Ask around for someone in your circle of friends who may have a relative or friend who is well versed in flower arrangements and can make bouquets for the bride & her entourage. Always buy in bulk: this way, you pay less without compromising on its freshness.

Wedding Invitations – If you don’t know how to do it, get an artistic friend to help. Have an economical design in mind when designing. Combine few types of paper to create a striking effect. Avoid thick paper materials as they cost more. Then print in bulk.

Entertainment – In case if you have a group of multi-talented pals, engage them to volunteer as DJs for the event or throw a few performances for your wedding reception. You can reward them with small meaningful gifts like shopping vouchers and a thank you note instead of paying thousands to engage a professional band.

If you don’t have any talented pals, don’t fret: select some great songs and have them played as background music during the reception. Guests usually favor opportunities to catch up with friends and relatives so they are likely to appreciate it.

Event Decoration – If possible, get your team of friends to dress up the event venue for you. Use more candles, ribbons and balloons instead of flower arrangements to save money.

Photography & Videography – Source around for a friend or relative who knows how snap creatively illustrative photographs on your wedding day. Do the same for video shootings. This way, you save up on expensive professional fees.

Wedding favors – You can actually make these yourself few months before the wedding instead of having to buy them off the shelves. This way you pay only for the material cost and save up on expensive manpower charges.

hope ur dream comes true =)

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