My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my work personality

Personality test taken on : 31 August 2010

At a Glance
• Punctual, completes work on time.
• Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.
• Objective, but may appear detached.
• Does not seek positions of power or authority.
• Concerned with prestige, recognition, rank and reputation.
• Sees people as nice and friendly, not comfortable to wheel and deal.
• Orderly, methodical and systematic, takes care to plan in detail.
• Needs clear and thorough instructions, slow to act when uncertain.

 While at Work

Ms Muzlan is prepared to put in hard work moderately but she may at times prefer to work at
her own pace.

Time is a major concern for Ms Muzlan. She is frequently punctual and even early for
appointments. When time is critical, she moves quickly and acts promptly. Having a
sense of urgency means that Ms Muzlan pushes to get things done when there is a
deadline and allocates time properly when planning or organising activities. She can
be depended upon to get work done on schedule.

Ms Muzlan persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment
and perseverance are her strength; hence she can be depended upon to meet work
obligations. Ms Muzlan is suitable for long-term projects because she is sufficiently
focused to see them through completion.

Ms Muzlan is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality but she may
at times be careless.

Ms Muzlan is an objective person who is impartial and rational. She speaks factually
and often does not involve her own feelings and emotions. She may sometimes be
perceived as distant or detached.

Although Ms Muzlan is usually a sympathetic person, she may at times be selective
about being involved in the personal problems of people.

Ms Muzlan is friendly and outgoing when she is with friends although she may at
times prefer to be quiet.

Ms Muzlan selectively forms strong bonds with people although these bonds may
not be very deep.

Positions of power, influence and authority are not Ms Muzlan's concern.
She does not mind letting others assert authority over her. She is accommodating,
laid back and easy-going.

Ms Muzlan is concerned with position and status. She cares about how people
view her. Prestige, quality, rank and reputation are important to her. She is
likely to be brand-conscious and would attach significance to status symbols.
She takes pride in her appearance.

Ms Muzlan sees people as friendly, reliable and honest. She is trusting and believes
what people say. She tends to be unsuspecting of people.s behaviour and motives.
She is uncomfortable when she has to wheel and deal.

Ms Muzlan's leadership qualities are moderate and she is sometimes able to get the
support of people.

Ms Muzlan is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to
her and she is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Being orderly, methodical and systematic, Ms Muzlan spends considerable time
planning ahead and organizing activities. She ensures that programmes are
scheduled properly and takes care to plan in detail. Formulating procedures and
policies is her forte.

Ms Muzlan is generally able to express herself although not to a high degree
of eloquence.

Being one who needs clear and thorough instructions before she can proceed
on action, Ms Muzlan resists when conditions are uncertain. She does not
adapt easily to changes. Before she embarks on a new project, expect
Ms Muzlan to find out more and probe deeply.

You have received this report because you have completed your Personality
Profiling on JobsCentral. You may or may not understand the information fully.
However do take a moment to reflect bearing in mind that your decisions are
based on these sub-dimensions. This report can help you understand yourself
better once you start making use of the information.

AHard Work12
CFinish Job17
PGood Work14
OTolerance Ambiguity9

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