My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Its time to relax with Garment Steamer!!

Cuci mata dulu hokeh!!

last friday 11.11.11  sayep g Home Fair @ Persada Johor. bak kata org, jgn tak catat sejarah on Lucky day, Lucky number nie yer...

I pon beli garment Steamar nie.. from Total Image Brand.. kebetulan plak iron board patah on Thursday, mmg pk dis wekend nak kene beli 1 lagi iron board.. sekali tu pk2 balik masa apek sales tu buat demo, terus terpedaya... iman tak kuat huhuhuhu...

ada 2 types ye
1. Steam Iron
2. Garment steamer

Its dependsla.. kalau just suke iron atas board, pls buy steam iron..if bersifat pemalas,iron baju macam kat butik, sekali iron, 3-4 bundle, banyak! suke tengok tv n cepat penat (ngade!) plsla beli Garment Steamer!!
harini, g ambik barang tu.. Aisya takot..bagus!! pasni takdela dia jadi kak nam sebok nak iron baju je..
kenapa saya beli benda ni? ok, silakan baca the followings notes:-
1. jimat space - takyah dah nak pk iron board lagi!!
2. tak terbakar baju @ tudung.. (pernah kan? kan?)
3. tak yah nak sental gila2 kat baju..
4. user friendly la..- bole iron depan tv =}
5. save time, money and even a little bit of effort =p
6. takyah anta baju dry clean sebab garment steamer ni bole dry clean juge =p
7. effect yg bagus sebab tak rosakkan fabrics
lagi..lagi & lagi advantages!!!
A garment steamer offers a portability such as handheld/travel-size steamers. Portable/compact steamers allow maneuverability from room to room. Uprights are designed to take up less closet space
A portable/compact steamer is made with a detachable base for carrying as well as a hook for hanging on doorknobs while using the nozzle. It provides 20-minute steam time, a fixed T-nozzle, lint brush and crease tool. When returned to the base, the steamer automatically shuts off.

An upright comes with a collapsible pole for hanging garments, foot-activated power switch, smaller base for optimal space-saving and larger wheels for maneuverability. Higher-priced uprights are equipped with crease tools, lint removers, fur brushes and handheld pressing boards.
An iron applies pressure to the fabric, flattening fibers to give a crisp look. Garment steamers fluff fibers, giving them a soft, clean look that is longer lasting and requires fewer dry cleaning visits.
Clothes steamers eliminate allergens. The heat in vapor steam kills dust mites and germs embedded in your clothing and linens.
Clothes steamers use natural cleansers. Steamers work with water—and just water. No soaps or chemically treated cleaning products are needed.
Clothes steamers come in all sizes. While industrial-sized steamers are left for professional dry cleaners, hospitals, and clothing boutiques, plenty of steamers are perfect for the home or your suitcase.
Clothes steamers are easy to use. Simply fill the boiler with water, plug the steamer in, and, when you can see steam escaping from the head, hold the head an inch or so away from fabric. When on the go—say, in a hotel room—clothes can be steamed while still on the hanger.
Be sure, though, to check your clothing's care labels before steaming; while steaming is ideal for fragile fabrics that would not withstand ironing, other delicates, such as silk, are very heat-sensitive and might be damaged by a steamer's vapor.

Learning to use a Garment Steam Cleaner does take a little time and bit of patience but, once you have mastered the skill you will be surprised how fast you get an entire basket of clothes wrinkle free.

According to Consumer Reports, a higher price doesn't mean better performance. Compare products, features and prices, and check with a reputable consumer site to see which product carries its seal of approval.

I Love Dis!!!!
Steamers are safe to use on all fabrics, including silk and cashmere, and the steam's temperature keeps mattresses and pillows free of dust mites, thus reducing allergens and bacteria up to 99.9 percent. Steamers are a good investment because of the potential reduction in dry cleaning bills.


  1. erm murah ajer hehehe rm399 =(

  2. Jom order VCO & Collagen untuk kulit yang cantik dan sihat !

    Hanya RM 100 (combo set termasuk postage)

  3. for those who interested in garment steamer can call me 0164152800 or 0164154838 my brand is sansui from japan imported warranty 3 year gurranttee satisfied u can view at mudah just type sansui garment steamer or sansui

  4. for those who interested in garment steamer can call me 0164152800 or 0164154838 my brand is sansui from japan imported warranty 3 year gurranttee satisfied u can view at mudah just type sansui garment steamer or sansui

  5. Love the Kazoo Steamer from Bizarkdeal.
    We use this everyday as my husband wears suit shirts to work. It has done the trick! Its simple to assemble. Put water in and once you turn it on, it takes about 30 seconds for the steam to generate (maybe even less). It comes with an ironing brush, steam gloves (so you dont get burned), fabric brush and a collar press pad! The handle is very comfortable and a great size. it doesnt feel bulky when holding it. You can also adjust the height as well for us short women out there! There is also a dial on it where you can select what material you are steaming- silk, cotton, fabrics, etc. It literally takes the wrinkles out of everything. I have included some pictures of a shirt that I steamed and it took me less than a minute to do. I also iron my kids clothes, tablecloths and wrinkly sheets (yes I am that neurotic). It does its job and I am NOT disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone!



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