My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Saturday, November 12, 2011

House: Things to do

After 3 weeks dapat kunci, me my self decide on the followings:-)

Important (1st priority)

1. Grill
2. Wiring
3. Curtain
4. Fridge
5. Table Top (simple one)
6. Meja makan
7. VIP perabot
8. Tukar lock

Not so important (2nd priority)
1. Kabinet at dry kitchen
2. Alarm system
3. Auto gate
4. Tinted window
5. Perabot 1 rumah (wink!)

So kiteorg pon survey2la benda yg most VIP tu. bukan jauh sangat pon.. kat aje.. hikhikhik

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