My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

My Owned Preloved Item To Let GO

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Okey, after dapat kunci dgn exictednya ktorg pon tengok umah tu!! hehehe

tengok aisya tinggalkan mama dia

dia yg paling exited!!

dining n dry kitchen

karat kan?

one of defect yg perlu report

ni pon sama

hobi main plug

comel tak garden?

rumah I,4 dari hujung


so, on 1st day tu Our focus is on the followings:-

1. Wall surfaces. Make sure they are even, especially at places where they have hacked to install additional points.
2. Paint job on walls, ceiling and doors. Must be even, no drips. Also check where ceilings and walls meet. No overlapping of paint.
3. Tiles - any missing ones? Especially mosaic ones in bathroom.
4. Locks.
5. Windows.
6. Pipes, plumbing.. any leaks?
7. Doors hinges and frames - have they been properly installed? Any gaps?
8. The bits between tiles. If they're supposed to be white, make sure they're all white and not grey in certain areas.
9. And lastly, any cracks.

After fill the complain form, ktorg balik!!!


  1. Wei... best gilerrr dah dpt kunci.... cantik umah ko, design modern....

  2. aah sgt cantik rumah ko an. nmpk sgt moden. mantop! next turn pn.firuz kita plk



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